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Hi everyone,
Welcome  to SoYouWantToLeadWorship.com – your website for RESOURCES in your PURSUIT of WORSHIP LEADERSHIP, growing as a worship leader, and/or learning your instrument better!
Several years ago, although I was in church and doing my best to live for God, something was missing.  I was very sincere, but I had pride, and I knew entirely too little about giving self-lessly to others. I was struggling with pornography (which I was introduced to at 7 years old), and I was a “nice” guy – translated – I unknowingly had ‘the fear of man’.
Through a series of very challenging and painful events, God stripped me down spiritually, humbled me, taught me to stop complaining, be quiet and listen, and be content in Him…..in Him only as my portion, no matter my circumstance (s).
I suffered much loss in the last 7 years. This is not acomplaint, it’s my reality. And, I am not complaining about it, because through this process, I am very rich in the spiritual milestones that God patiently taught me, and brought me through.  I have come through a bootcamp of sorts – slimmed down and chiseled spiritually; made into a leaner, meaner, much more serious and deliberate man of God – ready and able to war spiritually.
I want to share, with others, the jewels that I have learned spiritually – to go to combat for, and with others, because in this time, satan, like a wounded, cornered animal, is cruelly seeking…. If he can’t kill us, he will try to steal from us. If he can’t steal, then he will try to destroy us, all the while smiling, smooth talking, and lying through hissing teeth.  SoYouWantToLeadWorship.com, in blogs, resources, products, etc., is the summation of this, my goal!
I developed this site because when I began leading worship in 1991, it would have been a major help if I would have had a MANUAL to GUIDE me through the initial process of worship leadership.  So, you will find my ebooks “To The King Who is Worthy ” and “The Worship Leader”  –  your manual for leading worship – with content that is very practical, concise and to the point.   You will find that these resources are rich, will challenge you, and provide the training that you need to be able to step into the role of worship leader that God has called you to, and/or bring your leadership to the next level.
The information in To The King Who is Worthy is unique; you won’t find it anywhere else!  Click on the title to check out the summary.


If you’re ready to throttle down, pull out all the stops, and live forThe Kingdom that’s worthy to die for, join me.    Let’s pursue personal revival together, and then flow that spirit into the lives of those we serve!  
For the saints of God and for The Lamb!!  


Oh, by the way
Check out some of my BLOGS devoted to PERSONAL REVIVAL,  and the ‘FREEBIES‘ offered:  The Bible says that? and the 49 Basic Christian Characteristics.  The Bible says that? directs you to verses in the bible that are like needles in a haystack, and others that may surprise you –  sometimes  our view of God Is WRONG.   You’ll find  biographical information so that you can get to know me a little better – to get an idea of what I “bring to the table”.  Visit www.Facebook.com/AreYouInAwe/ for weekly teaching tips to bring your worship leadership to the NEXT LEVEL!


Be on the lookout, too – you’ll find my Chord Confidence courses at Udemy.com. –  These courses focus on your musicianship – I teach basics, and then I teach harmony – the building block of music.  If you can understand harmony, you can understand music and your instrument).
I can also be reached at [email protected] OR [email protected].  If you contact me, I will answer you personally.  All God’s very Best for you and yours!